THE GOOD WIFE Claims All the Best Guest Stars for Season 4

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As if its regular and recurring cast weren’t already a showrunner’s dream, The Good Wife has gone and locked in several additional top tier guest stars for the upcoming fourth season.

Over the past couple of days, CBS has announced that Maura Tierney, Kristin Chenoweth, Nathan Lane, and Marc Warren have all joined the show for multiple episode arcs. Tierney plays a self-made billionaire who started her own Internet company and is the doyenne of Chicago Democratic politics; Chenoweth is a journalist intent on finding every skeleton in the Florrick campaign’s closet; and Warren will finally give a face to Kalinda’s mysterious ex-husband. Details on Lane’s role haven’t been revealed yet, but I’m guessing he’s either a judge or a politician.

Updated: CBS just sent out a release revealing that Nathan Lane will play “a bottom line-obsessed manager imposed on Lockhart & Gardner by the bank to cut costs and get the firm back to fiscal health. He finds himself at odds with Will, Diane and everyone else at the firm.” So…neither a judge or a politician. CBS 1, Mel 0.

The Good Wife returns to Sundays this Fall at 9/8c on CBS.

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