MODERN FAMILY: Guns and Dolls

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Ah Family brunch. What a wonderful time to start spilling the beans about family secrets from the past. It’s all fun and games until Mitchell admits that he kicked his dad’s golf ball into the hole on the golf course, which was the famous Hole-In-One shot that gave Jay his nickname “Ace”(Uh oh). Jay became a legend at the golf club after that shot so he decides to come clean with his golf buddies at the club.

Lily then tells Mitchell that he ruined brunch; everyone laughs and thinks she is the cutest thing, except for Luke. He remembers when they were the “cute” ones and he convinces Manny to set her up. They make a trap and use cookies as bait to set off an intricate device that spills milk all over the floor (those two are so clever). Unfortunately Cam takes the cookie, the milk spills and so does Cam. He fell flat on his back and crushed Lily’s doll, Beatrice.

Phil assumes the spilled milk was his fault and offers to buy Lily a new doll. Mitchell tells him not to worry since there is a doll hospital in the mall and they have medical insurance for her (Are you kidding me? Do doll hospitals really exist?). He was going to take the girls to the mall anyway so Lily and her doll come along. They have small talk in the car and Alex let it slip that Haley wasn’t a virgin. Phil catches on and tries to be cool but he really doesn’t take it well.

MODERN FAMILY - "Guns and Dolls"At the doll hospital, the doctor (like a real doctor dressed in scrubs, I can’t get over this) informs them that Beatrice will be fine, but her shoulder won’t work the same. Phil gets emotional and says he liked her the way she was before, and Haley says she is still the same doll, she just changed a little. Although they are talking about the doll, we know they are really referring to Haley’s lost virginity. After going back and forth, Phil tells her he trusts her and she is thankful that her Dad is “cool.”

Back at the house we find out Cam really didn’t hurt his back. He just wanted to get everyone out of the house so he could search for the Tupperware container he lent to Claire. She swears she returned it to him a long time ago, but Cam is certain she still has it. He is on a mission and nearly tears up the whole house (and really hurt his back) before he found the container in question. He almost got caught by Luke and Manny but gave them $20 to wash his car and they accepted.

Wanting to bond with Claire, Gloria shows up for her yoga class. Claire is surprised and makes every excuse to get out of it. Gloria wouldn’t let it go, so Claire finally admits that she doesn’t do yoga. She has been secretly going to the shooting range to relieve stress and that is her “sacred place.” Gloria promises to keep her secret and they shoot together (Gloria is a pretty good shot).

MODERN FAMILY - "Guns and Dolls"Over at the club, Jay takes one last look at his name on the Hole-In-One plaque hanging on the wall. He had every intention of telling his buddies the truth until he realized that they all lie about their lives, too. He decides not to tell them he didn’t really get the Hole-In-One. Unfortunately for him, Mitchell shows up feeling guilty. Not knowing that Jay didn’t tell his buddies the truth, he spills the beans. Jay is really not happy with Mitchell now (well at least his intentions were good).

Mitchell tells Jay that the day he kicked the ball into the hole was still special because that’s when he had his first beer, and that day was not just about a Hole-In-One. Jay corrects him by telling him that he really had his first beer after an embarrassing incident on his 14th birthday. Mitchell is touched that he remembered this and Jay still thinks the day was about the Hole-In-One (it’s hard for him to let go of that Ace nickname).

MODERN FAMILY - "Guns and Dolls"Manny has a crush on a girl in the neighborhood. Luke tells Manny that he needs to do something to get her attention. So what do they do? Take a Joyride down the street in Cam’s car (we are going to watch out for these two, their scenes crack me up every week)! They slowly drove past her lemonade stand and Manny was the Man! They are definitely done with being cute now. Lily can be the cute one. Not only did they get away with the spilled milk, they drove Cam’s car. Luke and Manny got a taste of the Bad Boy life and they like it! Watch out world.

What was your favorite part of this episode? Are there really Doll hospitals and doctors (please let me know about this, I am fascinated by it.) What do you think of the dynamic duo Manny and Luke? Let me know in the comment section below.

Modern Family airs Wednesday nights at 9/8c on ABC.

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    February 24, 2012 at 1:31 pm

    This doll thing mirrored the American Girl Doll phenomenon . But I would like to know what doll they actually used