Syfy Media Tour Live Blog: Scoop on BEING HUMAN, WAREHOUSE 13, EUREKA & more!

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Bethanne and Melissa are at the Syfy Media Tour in not-so-sunny Orlando, Florida today, and we’re bringing you the scoop on your favorite Syfy shows. Follow us on Twitter – @nicegirlstv – and here as we update you throughout the day.


9:40 – Sam Witwer, Meghan Rath, and Sam Huntington come out looking awfully chipper for having been at the Universal Haunted Halloween Nights tour until about 1:30AM with us.

9:42 – Being Human returns Monday, January 16 at 9/8c on Syfy.

9:45 – Discussing season 2, the cast have the following slogan ideas: “Being Human, welcome to the dark side.”

9:47 – Sally is dealing with having missed her window and what that means. She learns more about the afterlife and her powers, which is painful for her and for those around her.

9:48 – Flashbacks give us insight into Aidan’s past. SPOILER ALERT: We find out that Aidan had a romantic relationship with Josh’s grandmother. Josh also has “a romance from his past” return.

9:52 – Sally falls for someone living and tries to be with him, “which falls under the whole ‘dangerous’ realm,” says Meghan Rath. Witwer and Huntington agree that she has a great story in season 2.

9:54 – Mark Pellegrino has been back “in a small capacity this year,” says Huntington.

9:56 – “My favorite moments are when we’re all together, just being normal with our afflictions,” says Huntington.

9:57 – Trivia: “Wetworth would sleep 24 hours a day if he could.” “I start waking up in the middle of the night. I’m totally typecast as a night person.”

10:00 – Huntington teases a “really, really intense” scene with Nora in one of the early episode of season 2. “I think it’s going to be difficult for people to watch, especially those who have been with us through everything they’re going through.”


10:18 – Charlie Rowe (Peter) is clearly delighted by the clips of Neverland that he’s seeing. Adorable.

10:20 – Charlie admits to being nervous about playing Peter Pan: “I had quite large boots to fill.” Anna Friel, who plays the Pirate Queen, recalls that her 6-year-old daughter was dismayed that she might kill Peter.

10:22 – Rhys Ifans appreciates that the mini-series format gave him time to take Hook from a father-figure for Peter to the villain.

10:24 – Why are fairy tales having their moment now? Economy (Rhys) and the improvement in FX (Anna).

10:25 – Rhys sees Hook’s transformation as shedding his moral sensibilities. “Bonnie liberates Hook completely, sexually, which wouldn’t happen in Edwardian England.”

10:27 – Charlie and Anna spent a lot of lunch hours practicing their sword fighting skills. Rhys claims he’s “a natural” so didn’t have to practice as much.

10:29 – Charlie used Neverland director Nick Willing as his inspiration for Peter. “He still a child, I think.”

10:30 – Rhys says that rather than a transformation from good to evil, Hook’s journey is actually a descent into madness.

10:32 – Bonnie has been the only woman around for more than a century, and she’s the leader of the pirates, so she’s had a lot of time to perfect her leadership and manipulative skills.

10:34 –  Rhys neatly connects the mini-series to Syfy: The humans are essentially the aliens, the superior technological race visiting Neverland.


11:14 – Ve Neill and McKenzie Westmore tell us that it’s a 50-50 split of men and women this season with 7 of each competing.

11:15 – First challenge is inspired by the Wizard of Oz novels (not the movies).

11:16 – Artists had to create a head-to-toe waterproof aquatic creation which were submerged for 5 minutes each to judge.

11:18 – Infamous nude body painting challenge had something very interesting happen, Westmore teased. Even judge Neill doesn’t know what it was.

11:20 – The phobia challenge, inspired by a haunted hospital, sounds creepy.

11:24 – Westmore likes seeing the contestants’ faces when they find out what their challenge is. “Either they’re faces light up or fall in fear.”

11:32 – Neill says that the appeal of going from working on these big budget films to judging Face Off is that “it’s fun!” She also appreciates being able to see these up-and-coming artists, some of whom she’s hired for her projects.


11:46 – The special holiday episodes air on Tuesday, December 6.

11:47 – Eddie McClintock brought his own juice, not realizing he’d also be given 2 bottles of water. He’s such a kid.

11:52 – What was it like to do an animated episode? “We did it in a day, it was amazing!” says Colin Ferguson. Lots of different animation styles are used throughout the Eureka special.

11:54 – This year’s Warehouse 13 episode is a take on It’s A Wonderful Life, but “it’s an actual Warehouse 13 episode. There’s lots of twists and turns.”

11:56 – Emily Rose flew in from working on a project in Jordan to be here.

11:57 – The Haven ep is airing out of sequence – it should be between eps 6 and 7.

12:00 – Colin says the last episode of Eureka “was wonderfully moving” as they shot the last scenes with each other. For viewers, Colin teases an episode where “we become each other, and it turned out really well. If there’s anything we’d like to be remembered for, it’s being funny.”

12:02 – Emily hesitates to say that Audrey and Nate are “together.” Eddie helps her out, “They’re just ‘hooking up’.”

12:06 – Emily isn’t sure if Adam Copeland (The Edge) will be back in season 3, but she hopes so. “Another great looking guy on the show. Thank. You.”

12:08 – What was going through their heads while watching the clips from all three episodes? For Eddie, it was all about the hair. He envies Colin’s hair, then goes off on a tangent about this “Dorothy Hamill cut” that the show stylists gave him. Colin and Emily are cracking up.

12:15 – One Colin’s favorite holiday specials is a Canadian short film called The Sweater. “It has this horrible ending where the kid goes to church and begs God to send moths to eat the sweater.”

12:17 – And now Eddie is singing “I’m Mr. Heat Miser”.

12:19 – Eddie says it was really tough to see Jenks in the W13 finale. “It was very quiet on the set that day. But you know, they say you’re never dead in sci-fi, so I hope he gets to come back.”


We had lunch with Amanda Tapping who talked to us about season 4 being larger in scope, that she’s considering some ideas for other series to create/co-produce, and how much she’s looking forward to drinking butterbeer at Wizarding World this evening.


1:54 – Lost Girl premieres on Syfy on Monday, January 16 at 10/9c.

1:58 – How did Anna Silk get involved in the show? “I saw the script that called for women, sexy, sci-fi babes…” “And she came running!” jokes Zoie Palmer. But seriously, Anna loves that Bo is such a strong female character.

2:04 – Talking about coming to Syfy and a new audience, Anna says she likes being recognized and talking with fans, “but I won’t perform the succubus kiss.” “I will inject you, though,” says Zoie (she plays Dr. Laura).

2:06- Anna agrees that Lost Girl has some similarities to Buffy, especially working the humor into these hugely dramatic, supernatural stories.

2:10 – “Supernatural lends itself to the sense of play. It’s a whole different world that you can lose yourself in.” – Zoie


2:27 – This new reality series is about a family business building monsters for Hollywood and premieres in March. Stars Cleve Hall (dad), Constance Hall (daughter) and Roy Knyrim (friend) are here.

2:29 – The reality show idea came when Cleve had to build the backend of a whale for a reality show about when whales attack, and it wouldn’t fit in his hearse so he strapped it to the top and drove it to the studio. That image caught the eye of producers.

2:34 – Cleve and Constance are both inspired by “the original monsters” like Creature from the Black Lagoon.

2:37 – The shop is open 24/7, otherwise they’d never be able to meet their deadlines.


2:59 – Holy crap. Wade Barrett is as tall as a building! Alicia Fox is gorgeous (and is not, in fact, Rhianna).

3:00 – Wade’s favorite superhero growing up was Banana Man. He ate banana, then turned into Banana Man and flew around the world saving people. For real.

3:03 – Wade’s advice for kids wanting to be in WWE is, first, “Don’t try this at home!” He also recommends eating healthily, get involved in as many sports as possible, and get a good education so you have something to fallback on.

3:07 – Alicia would like to guest star as Lena’s sister on Warehouse 13; Wade would like to be on Alphas.

3:10 – Alicia would like to have a match with Vivica A. Fox, “because we share the same name.” Wade wants to take on the Undertaker.

3:15 – Wade cites The Rock as the biggest WWE star of all time. He continues to be involved in the organization. Alicia says Beth Phoenix is the best Diva, recalling how Beth took Alicia under her wing and taught her the ropes.


4:07 – Syfy announces a new reality series, Blackout, based on the European show. Jaleel White is the host. Some of our fellow journalists are about to take part in a segment of the show. Hilarity about to ensue?

4:09 – Creator Henrik Nielsen came up with the idea based on “some of the best times of my childhood, and some of the worst.” Both involved spiders.

4:11 – Jaleel White came to the show because he thinks this is a show people will love, and people wouldn’t expect him to be a part of it.

4:37 – Colin Ferguson is taking part in the game. He correctly identified the snake, and is now terrified by…the teddy bear. “What is THIS?!?! A stuffed animal?” “Yes.” “Thank God.”

4:44 – Potential contestants have to go through psychological testing to make sure “they can put their hands in the tank and enjoy it afterward.”

4:47 – Total Blackout begins filming in the next couple of weeks; no airdate yet. Jaleel would like to have his TV brother Dule Hill come in as a contestant in one episode.

And that’s a wrap! We’ll be bringing you some photos and one-on-one interviews over the next couple of weeks, but for now it’s time to head out to Wizarding World!

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