Lipstick Jungle Adds Two New Faces

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The cast of Lipstick Jungle is expanding again. Last week we reported that Mary Tyler Moore has joined the show for a multi-episode run; this week we bring news that Rosie Perez and Carlos Ponce have come on board in recurring roles. Ponce, currently best known as a singer from Puerto Rico, will play a contractor and potential love interest for Lindsay Price’s Victory Ford. Hmmm…some blue collar competition for Andrew McCarthy’s Joe?

Meanwhile, Perez has signed on as Dalia, Victory’s new publicist. Described as “fiery and fiesty and the hottest publicist on the planet right now,” Lipstick show runner Oliver Goldstick revealed that the character was modeled after Salma Hayek. Goldstick explained the inspiration to E! Kristin dos Santos, “To Salma, nothing’s unreachable and no one’s untouchable. That’s what I love about her, that can-do approach to everything, and I thought that was a great character to introduce to the show.”

Rosie Perez joins the cast of 'Lipstick Jungle' Carlos Ponce joins the cast of 'Lipstick Jungle'

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